We Are The World

Good morning lovelies! Happy Saturday! I had to share this after hearing my dad play it this morning. He reminded my brother and I the anniversary just past.  It was recorded on January 28, 1985. Can you believe it’s been 30 years since the recording of We Are the World for USA Africa! Do you remember where you were when you first heard or saw this song and video? I don’t. I was only 5 years old but I remember growing up listening to it. Oh the memories! Enjoy!

Love this video and it’s message!



Street Etiquette at TEDxNew York

I heart these young men because of their brilliant ideas and aspirations to lift the African/African-American culture. I came across their blog in December via North of Man, and featured their Black Ivy video on Morena Essence. I just found their TED talk from November and had to share:



{Video Source, North of Man}

Le Klint

Happy New Year!!!! I can’t believe it is January 20th already. This year is starting out at warp speed and I am enjoying it thus far. I have so many plans & goals for this year, but I digress. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to a lighting company I learned about this week. In an email update from the lighting company, Digital Filaments, was a video on the Danish decorative fixture company, Le Klint. I was amazed at the craftsmanship of the fixtures and the presence of the fixtures in the room vignettes. Please visit their website to browse the myriad of light fixtures and learn more about Le Klint. Here are two lovely fixtures that caught my eye:

Le Klint Copper Fixture 1311MCU - 2 Copper Pendant

Le Klint Linear Pendant 20122 - Lounge 122 Pendant

Finally, check out this video I saw featuring the making of the fixtures!

What do you think?

Beautiful, right?! I would love to use these in my home one day and in my future clients/family/friends’ homes who also admire the aesthetic of these pieces.

Have a wonderful week!


{Image source}

Sign Language in Uganda

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday! I am studying for my GRE’s & pretty busy at work hence the MIA status of me and lack of posting. However I saw this video on Yagazie Emezi’s blog and by the end had tears in my eyes, his smile stole my heart. I had to share!



{Source: yagazieemezi}

Ms. Ross

I saw this on “Pretty Toes and Curly Fros” & had to share. Oh the memories of Girlfriends and now Ms. Ross is staring in the new ABC sitcom, Blackish. I don’t have TV at the moment so I am behind on watching the show but my friends are raving about it. I can’t wait to catch up. In the meantime I’m enjoying Ms. Ross’ youtube videos, interviews (such as this one – I appreciated her tangent on Black women in media, tell it!) and website. She is hilarious and I love her curls!



Happy Birthday to me!

Dog with tongue out

Don’t hate because it’s my blessed 34th birthday and not yours!!!!!!

Hahaha, yes today is my 34th birthday on this lovely earth.  God is blessing as this continues to be a year of change and growth for me.  This is my season for grace and mercy. Thank you all for the well wishes and expressions of love. I truly feel so blessed to have the people in my life that I do.


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Pressing On

Keep Not Settling

Hello lovelies! Miss me? I know it’s been 3 weeks now. I tell you life! My SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth)/IBS-C flared up and it put me in a real funk. I was not a happy camper for at least the first week after it happened. I was first diagnosed last year in September with SIBO. I had not been feeling well for a couple months and I finally broke down and went to the GI doctor in August 2013. From the description of how I was feeling the doctor wondered if it was a bacteria overgrowth problem so had me schedule a hydrogen breath test. It came back positive and therefore I was prescribed Rifaximin. The medicine didn’t really help me so the doctor told me to try the Low FODMAP diet to see how I felt; because of prior sicknesses I was already gluten-free. I started getting sick in 2011. I tried the Low FODMAP diet but by December was down to 113 lbs. I generally stayed around 135/140 lbs so I was a little scared, in addition to family and friends being alarmed by my drop in weight so quickly. I was nauseous often times, my belly (stomach/intestines) hurt and loudly “talked back” to me all the time making it known they weren’t happy either, and nothing I ate made it feel much better. I went to a dietician at Jefferson Hospital in December 2013 which helped. I gained 10 lbs by January, my belly was feeling better, I was “going” more regularly with her recommendations, and I was able to eat a larger variety of foods. It seemed like my SIBO was gone. HALLELUJAH! I’d still get sick from time to time but by April I stopped writing in my daily food diary keeping track of everything little thing I ate…that is until mid-August. I can’t even tell you what set it off, but it wasn’t good. I went back to the GI doctor this past Tuesday but she was no help. She basically told me its SIBO/IBS, there is no cure, we don’t know why it happenes, you might as well eat what you want & take this medicine.  She said they don’t even re-test to see if the SIBO has come back. Yes, really, that is what I was told. I have read differently online by following Dr. Siebecker, who is renowned for her SIBO research, but I guess it depends on the doctor you go to and how they practice. Therefore, I am going to visit a naturopathic doctor my aunt mentioned to me some months ago. I have never liked taking medicine. I try to come off of it as soon as I possibly can, with the doctor’s permission of course. If I can do something naturally to help heal myself I will. What is a better healer than God, firstly of course, and the food we eat! All is well. This is the 1st time I’ve ever gone off topic but I just felt like sharing and this photo was perfect. I will not settle for ‘oh, that’s just the way it is, nothing can be done’. God give me strength and with His help, there is always a way.


{Image source}

Ms. Lauren Bacall




I am a lover of old movies. I had grown to love watching Lauren Bacall in such movies as To Have or Have Not, How to Marry a Millionaire, Designing Women, to The Mirror Has Two Faces.  This last movie I was just watching for the 1st time in June when it was on tv! Ah, her voice, her candor, her sass, loved it!


Now I can’t finish this post without also mentioning the sad death of the incredibly talented comedian Robin Williams and Michael Brown, the young man in Missouri who was shot to death by a cop for no apparent reason I’ve heard so far. Both a very sad situations but I hope a dialogue begins on depression/mental illness awareness and the police racism/profiling that runs so rampant still in the US. Positive changes can be made in our society to help people if we take the time to listen and show empathy towards our brothers and sisters. What a week and it’s only Wednesday!


{Image sources: around the web}

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