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I am a lover of old movies. I had grown to love watching Lauren Bacall in such movies as To Have or Have Not, How to Marry a Millionaire, Designing Women, to The Mirror Has Two Faces.  This last movie I was just watching for the 1st time in June when it was on tv! Ah, her voice, her candor, her sass, loved it!


Now I can’t finish this post without also mentioning the sad death of the incredibly talented comedian Robin Williams and Michael Brown, the young man in Missouri who was shot to death by a cop for no apparent reason I’ve heard so far. Both a very sad situations but I hope a dialogue begins on depression/mental illness awareness and the police racism/profiling that runs so rampant still in the US. Positive changes can be made in our society to help people if we take the time to listen and show empathy towards our brothers and sisters. What a week and it’s only Wednesday!


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Designer Crush: Reem Acra

Reem Acra F2014 RTW white outfit

I just finished watching Reem Acra’s Fall 2014 Ready to Wear fashion show and be still my little heart, it was just lovely, breathtaking really! Her collection is so lady-like, a hint of nostalgia. It reminds me of Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, so me. If money were no object or I at least had more of it to spend on Reem Acra ready to wear clothing, I could see myself in a few of those outfits. I thought I would share a couple photos with you all of my favorites.

Reem Acra F2014 RTW sweater and skirt

Reem Acra F2014 RTW black dress

Reem Acra F2014 RTW cowl neck top and tiger print skirt

Reem Acra F2014 RTW red dress

Reem Acra F2014 RTW gold dress


Reem Acra already had a little piece of my heart because of her bridal collections over the years. This just adds to my love for her creative mind and the artist who she works with. How could you not be inspired by these pieces?!





Travel: Newport, Rhode Island – Victorian Society in America Summer School

From May 30th – June 8th of this year I spent ten awesome days in Newport, Rhode Island as a student of the Victorian Society in America - American Summer School program. The summer school program is an in-depth study of 19th century and early 20th century architecture, interior design, and material culture of Newport, RI. The lectures and tours are organized by the incredibly knowledgeable Richard Guy Wilson. The program left me overwhelmed by all the information that came my way however unbelievably happy I participated, met Richard Guy Wilson, and the incredible group of people I shared the experience with. I made personal connections with fellow classmates and guest lecturers that will surely last a lifetime.

I had one main reason for participating in the Summer School program: to further my knowledge of historic decorative arts of the American Northeast and its European influences of the 19th century. In furthering my knowledge, I am moving one step closer to my ultimate career goal to be a licensed interior designer and decorative arts historian, writer, scholar whose concentration is African American historic interiors. During my ten days in Newport I learned so much from Wilson, the guest lecturers specifically Paul Miller, John Tschirch, and Pauline Metcalf. I plan to stalk all of them going forward. Daily we went on tours of various neighborhoods of Newport, as well as historic buildings in Pawtucent, Providence, Bristol, Middletown, Portsmouth, and Exeter, Rhode Island; Easton and Fall River, Massachusetts. We traveled and got to participate in Wilson’s infamous death marches around Newport!

The highlight above all over highlights happened on day 5. This day started at 9am with a lecture by Wilson entitled ‘McKim, Mead, & White and Newport: Patrons and the development of the Colonial Revival.” We then had another lecture by Paul Miller entitled “Allard & Sons, Decorators.” I tried my best to keep up in writing notes during Paul’s lecture, but I feel like I missed so many details. If only osmosis worked brain to brain, I would surely want to have a little osmosis time with Mr. Miller! Following the lectures we visited Channing Memorial Church, Newport Casino, the Griswold House, Redwood Library, and then a walking tour along Red Cross Avenue in an area known as Old Beach Road. It was during this walking tour that we saw this house that I will never forget. Now I must preface this by saying I have a strong affinity for Moorish architecture and the Arts & Crafts movement in the US. One of my favorite buildings is the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain, another is Hagia Sophia, another in America is the Gamble House. Now the exterior of this house was adorable, designed by McKim, Mead, & White, 1880-82 as one of their early Shingle Style homes. The house was designed for Samuel Tilton, who was a music dealer. The exterior includes panel sections of pieces of glass set in cement on the exterior. On the interior the details of this house are orgasmic, seriously! The details were so well thought out and created by meticulous craftsmen. Everywhere on the 1st floor of the house specifically was just beautiful. I would try to explain what I saw but photos speak best and I also found this historic structure site that has a pretty good description of the house.

I hope you enjoy the photos and if you are ever in Newport or participate in the American Summer School program in Newport, please go see the Tilton House and be prepared to be amazed!



In a recent issue of Elle Décor an ad by Horchow made me pause as I was flipping past the many ads in the beginning of the magazine. The ad was their Coast Modern feature highlighting beautifully curated navy blue and white interiors including pieces they currently are selling on their website. Anyone who has been to my home knows I love navy blue and white like I love water and the beach. It’s so crisp and clean, and just classic. Have you seen this Horchow ad, what do you think? The pillows, rugs, tablecloth, and bathroom are screaming my name.

Horchow Blue and white living room

Horchow Blue and white dining room

Horchow Blue and white bathroom

If you are interested in any of the items in these photos, check out their website.


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National Hammock Day


Did you know National Hammock Day was this past week on the July 22nd?! Neither did I until a co-worker mentioned it. I could have so used a hammock outside my house this past week to chill. The weather was nice basically all week, not too humid. What do you think – a hammock, a glass of wine, bits of cheese, fruit, crackers (gluten-free of course), and other crudités. *Sigh* Who knew such a day excited! Well this the perfect time to feature these beautiful hammocks I saw in a recent issue of Elle Décor. The Hang A Hammock Collective of Nicaragua uses hand woven cotton and hand-turned wooden bars from sustainable local trees or bamboo to make these beautiful hammocks, swing chairs, and baby swings. 10% of the proceeds go towards community projects of Masaya, Nicaragua.

Hammock Berry-Cream-per-sito


So pretty, right?!


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Two Year Anniversary

Pink Flower bouquet

Today this little blog of mine turns 2! Yay! I can not believe it’s been that long already! It’s been a joy to share tidbits of the design inspiration I find on my journeys. I hope everyone reading has enjoyed the posts. Let me know! It’s always nice to hear from people.

This bouquet is pretty, I think I am going to buy myself some flowers this weekend!


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Eames ReDesign

Over two months ago two coworkers, Sennah, Marisa, and I submitted chair sketches on how we would redesign the Eames Molded Wire Base Chair. One of the chair designs, Fas(cet)nation was chosen as a semifinalist, 1 of 10 designs chosen! We were so excited and happy. We then had to actually make the chair we designed on paper for the 1st Annual Herman Miller Eames Modern Chair Design Competition event. The chairs would be auctioned off for charity with proceeds going to the Clothes-Pin organization for people in need and one chair would win the grand prize with a second and third place winner.

We were given a plain white molded wire base chair and approximately one month to make the chair. Two coworkers had sewing machines at home they brought in for us to use. We were given donations of 2mm charcoal felt by FilzFelt and black cord on tape by Lee Jofa. I brushed up on the sewing skills my mother taught me, Sennah recalled what she learned in school, we all used our crafting skills, and we got it done! Sadly, our chair did not make the final cut, but our chair was still awesome and was greatly complimented.

VMA - Eames Competition_TheFas(Cet)nation Chair

photo 1_downsized

photo 2_downsized

photo 3_downsized

I did win a raffle prize though! An Eames Primer which was signed by Demetrios Eames, who I also met that night and was one of the judges of the chairs. Demetrios is Charles and Ray Eames’ grandson and an artist, filmmaker, and writer today. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with him. The night overall was lovely. I got to spend time with coworkers, my coworker’s baby boy Miles (who is the cutest thing!), and chat with fellow Philadelphia designers who designed or knew someone who designed a chair for charity. I should have taken more photos, but oh well…there is always next year!



I missed posting on Juneteenth but I had to share this photo I just saw browsing Park en Madison. How sharp do these folks look celebrating Juneteenth in Austin, Texas in 1900?! This would have been the 35th Anniversary of the day.

official-juneteeth1 celebration in TX 1900

Dressed to the nines to celebrate the emancipation of slaves in Texas! Love it.

This year made the 149th Anniversary and special planning has already begun to celebrate the 150th Anniversary next year.  I hope you join in next year to celebrate this special day.


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