Green with envy?

Green hat & cape_ParkenMadison

Yes, I am. This photo just melted my little heart. Being the hat lover that I am, this photo on Park en Madison stopped me in my tracks! Gorgeous! Who is this and where did they find this hat & cape?!

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Legend and Song

LnS_Dutch Wax Maxi SkirtAnthropologie is one of my favorite stores for clothing and home accessories. My current budget does not allow me to purchase items very often from the store but I love the sales, birthday gift cards, and flipping through their catalogs for design inspiration. I look forward to receiving the catalogs in the mail every season, they are always filled with beautifully dressed women in amazing locations around the world! The new collection for the season is called Legend and Song. It was inspired by the designers’ desire to collaborate with African artisans to design a collection full of pieces so many of them have seen and fallen in love with in their personal experiences. With the help of Bhavana World Project and USAid, the Anthropologie design team took a trip to several East African countries to come up with an awesome collection for 2014!

Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye from the collection (and I just realized everyone one of them is blue! I do love blue.) I am so tempted to buy my own dutch wax print fabric and attempt to make a skirt similar to the one featured above for the summer. What do you think of the collection!?!

LnS_Beaded Shibori Infinity Scarf

LnS_Methali Jacket

LnS_Akagera Raffia Clutch


{Image sources: anthroblog, legendandsong}

Color Palette Inspiration

Guerreisms_well dressed pinkI have mentioned in the past how I love a well-dressed man. This is a prime example – do you see the way he married the cotton rose/blue/white plaid shirt and patterned pocket square with the rose (wool/cashmere?) blazer and (wool/cashmere?) vests in neutrals? On top of this, a fashion statement you will often find me in as well – a hat, a neutral colored scully to coordinate with the outfit and tortoise shell eyeglasses tucked into the pocket. I love it all! Well done, Terry Corbett of Park en Madison, photographed by the handsome photographer of Guerreisms.


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Shou Sugi Ban

Shou sugi ban samples

One of my responsibilities at work is meeting with manufacturers’ representatives to make sure our materials library is updated and we are informed about the latest and greatest products. Today I was introduced to ReSawn Timber’s line of shou sugi ban woods.  Shou sugi ban, yes, that is spelled right and just like you are probably curious as to what these words mean, I was too. It was explained to me as a traditional Japanese technique of burning the top layer of cypress to protect the wood to be used for exterior siding. The above photo contains samples, some of which I saw today in person, of the varying degrees to which the wood can be burned and finished. When I researched this technique further I found some really great applications of this product and not just on the exterior! It is now often used on the interior as a wall and ceiling material as well.

shou sugi ban house ext and fence

Exterior Siding and Fence Application

shou sugi ban house ext detail

Exterior Siding Detail

shou sugi ban on interior_the hip subscription

Interior Wall Application

Beautiful, right?!?!


{Image Sources: shousugiban; thehipsubscription; dreamygarden; remodelista}

Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week

Yes, it is that time again – Spring/Summer 2014 fashion shows are occurring in the world and one of my favorite designers had yet another beautiful show in Paris! Introducing Elie Saab…


and a few of his beautiful dresses! I am loving the floral pattern, teal color, and red dress is just sexy! I am still holding on to hope I will one day own a dress, possibly wedding dress, made by him. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?!





elie saab teal dress



{Image source: voguemafia, pinterest, fashioncraze – googled elie saab, spring summer 2014}

Designer Icon: Rafael de Cárdenas


I am a little behind in my magazine reading because I’ve been busy  doing other research and reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, The Signature of All Things. Therefore I am just getting around to flipping though my November issue of Interior Design when I came upon an article about young new designers, of particular interest to me – Rafael de Cárdenas and his work for Black Ocean, a tech and media company based in New York City. This company is based in a 19th century firehouse and the historic architecture is painted a matte grey/black!!! I LOVE IT. This modern finishing concept on historic architecture is just lovely. Now I must give him credit the office interior he designed is also sleek, sexy, and a little rough around the edges, but my heart stopped when I saw the exterior.

Black Ocean exterior

GORGEOUS!!! Wouldn’t you agree?!


Black Ocean black corridor 2

Black Ocean open office

Black Ocean partners office


{Image source: architecture at large, interior design}


Happy New Year!!!


I hope that everyone has a wonderful, happy new year filled with successes from new resolutions, peace in your life, and more love than you can contain from God, family, and friends.

2014 is my 33rd year of life on this earth and it’s going to be a year of change for me. I can feel it! I am looking forward to all that I want to accomplish in this year. God is going to bless in so many ways! This is my song for the year by William Murphy called “It’s Working”.


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